☆About Me

Hello! And welcome to KONEKO JOURNAL! The blog is filled with so many random topics, and occasionally they make sense. I've decided to write some information about myself for you guys to look at, whether you were wondering things about me or not!

Name: Eilish (traditionally said "Eye-leesh" but I prefer it to be said as "Eye-lish")
Age: 23
Birthday: November 26
Status: Single

I am half-Irish and half-British and have lived in South London, United Kingdom, for the whole of my life. I work as a Manager in a retail store and enjoy various creative activities outside of this! I currently have 4 piercings on my face, 1 piercing in my tongue, and 2 tattoos on my right leg.


Interests and Dislikes

I really love cats. I also rather enjoy watching strange documentaries, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, independent and foreign films and The Golden Girls. I love to play around with hair colour, as you might be able to tell, and I like to change my colour every few months. I like angsty girl music, heavy metal, pop, house....lots of things! Vanilla scented things make me happy, as do nice boys, copious amounts of coffee, Japan and Japanese stuff, black clothing and Hello Kitty.